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  • 3 Inch Ball Valve
    3 Inch Ball Valve

    1. The valve and the flange are integrated by injection molding, the tightness is more reliable, and the possibility of valve leakage is greatly reduced.
    2. The sealing ring is made of silicone rubber material, which can be replaced with fluorine rubber, NBR and other materials according to customer requirement.

  • 3 Inch Butterfly Valve
    3 Inch Butterfly Valve

    1. The valve and the flange are integrated by injection molding, the tightness is more reliable, and the possibility of valve leakage is greatly reduced.
    2. The sealing ring is made of silicone rubber material, which has the advantages of non-toxic, anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance.

  • Vent

    Features: It can be hung on the container door. The air pressure in the liquid bag reaches 0.06Mpa, and it can be automatically exhausted

  • Garden Bib Tap
    Garden Bib Tap

    Our garden bib tap is made of brass, wall mounted to connect with the water pipe to work as the function of ball valve, which looks more like a simple style of faucet. Normally one end is mounted to a T connection.

  • Outdoor Bib Tap
    Outdoor Bib Tap

    Generally, outdoor bib tap is chosen to water the flowers, trees and other plants in the garden. Aluminum lever is used in this bib tap with upward direction and thick touch feeling.

  • Brass Bib Tap
    Brass Bib Tap

    Brass bib tap which can be also used as other liquid like wine, beer etc. belongs to the valve involving a control in bulk for the barrel of beer, wine and oil. The body of the brass bib tap has the M-threaded connection to twist into the wall.

  • In Wall Taps
    In Wall Taps

    In wall taps is actually a simple faucet mounted to the wall, and its outlet is usually assembled with a hose connector to join with the plastic tube.

  • Brass Ball Valve
    Brass Ball Valve

    Ball valve evaluates from the cock, the ball moves around the center-axis of stem by 90 when it works and closes. It’s mainly used in duct to cut off, regulate the flow and change the direction of flow medium.

  • Mini Ball Valve
    Mini Ball Valve

    Mini ball valve can make the tube and the pipe of the same material closely connected with each other to prevent leakage.

  • Gas Ball Valve
    Gas Ball Valve

    Gas hose union ball valve made of forged brass, sand-blasted and chromed is used in the connection with the pipe and soft hose.

  • Pressure Reducing Valve
    Pressure Reducing Valve

    The pressure relief valve is suitable for installation where it needs decompression, or in the front of exhaust/foul line.

  • Relief Valve
    Relief Valve

    Relief valve body uses copper die casting technology, make excellently cooperate between different components. There is no corrosion phenomenon of loose or tight, to ensure that the relief valve work stably for a long time.

  • Safety Valve
    Safety Valve

    The safety valves are designed for protection against too high water pressure on electrical water heaters and so on. The valve body and all other metallic parts are made of brass. The sealing gaskets are of rubber adequate to its working conditions.

  • Butterfly Ball Valve
    Butterfly Ball Valve

    This series of butterfly ball valves are fitted with a red butterfly handle, the handle is made of high quality aluminum alloy with high strength and convenient operation.

  • Swing Check Valve
    Swing Check Valve

    Swing check valve belongs to the automatic valve type, mainly used in the flow of the medium with unidirectional flow. It only allows the media to flow in one direction to prevent accidents.

  • No Return Check Valve
    No Return Check Valve

    No return check valve Precision numerical-control technology, hard sealing, durable baffle make it better than the rubber seal structure. Full copper baffle with strong resistance on pressure and sufficient strength and stiffness has enough freedom.

  • Spring Loaded Check Valve
    Spring Loaded Check Valve

    Spring loaded check valve The vertical check valve is also called the reverse stop valve, which is used to prevent the flow of media in the pipeline. The opening and closing parts are turned on or off by the flow and power of the medium.

  • Y Type Strainer
    Y Type Strainer

    This valve is Y type - filter - ball valve is convenient to clean and can easily remove the sewage outlet.

  • Water Strainer
    Water Strainer

    Water strainer adopts stainless steel filter which is not easy to rust and easy to remove. The density of stainless steel mesh is 140 mesh/square inch.

  • Angle Valve Toilet
    Angle Valve Toilet

    This structure of angle valve toilet is simple, easy to operate.

  • Brass Angle Valve
    Brass Angle Valve

    As long as there is water, in principle, brass angle valve is needed. Brass angle valve is equivalent to a joint with switch, and is used to connect the outlet and inlet pipe.

  • Bronze Angle Valve
    Bronze Angle Valve

    Bronze angle valve is also called triangle valve, angle water valve. This is because the pipe is in a 90-degree corner shape, so it is called bronze angle valve and the knuckle valve.

  • 2 Way Angle Valve
    2 Way Angle Valve

    2 Way Angle Valve is widely used in the bathroom and kitchen room. It will be safe to turn off when you want to change the faucet or toilet.

  • 3 Way Angle Valve
    3 Way Angle Valve

    3 Way Angle Valve selects high quality brass, which conforms to the requirements of the European Union countries’ drinking water standard. It’s no harm to human body.

  • Three Way Angle Valve
    Three Way Angle Valve

    Our technical requirements for three way angle valves: The electroplating surface has a uniform luster and cannot be peeled, cracked, scorched, exposed at the end, peeled off, and has obvious pitting, burr and other defects.

What is the faucet valve? Types of faucet valves

The faucet valve is a tool used to control the normal use of the faucet. After the faucet valve, it can switch water normally. It is a very important faucet accessory. But what is the faucet valve? Some people want to buy a faucet valve, but they see after it has so many kinds, they don't know how to choose. What are the types of faucet valves?

What is the faucet valve?

The definition of a valve is a device used to control the direction, pressure, and flow of fluid in a fluid system. A valve is a device that allows the medium (liquid, gas, powder) in the piping and equipment to flow or stop, and can control its flow.

Types of faucet valves

The faucet valve is generally used at the end of the pipe, with a relatively small diameter, which is used to control the switch and size of the water. Generally speaking, the types of faucet valves include rotary valve, right angle valve, mixing valve, solenoid valve, butterfly valve, angle valve and so on. The main types of household faucet valves are: right angle valve, rotary valve, mixing valve and solenoid valve; The main varieties of household rotary valves are: high and low valves, gate valves and stop valves; The main varieties of household right-angle valves are: quick-opening valves, ball valves, 90 degree valves; The main forms of household water mixing valves are: bathtubs, wash basins, vegetable sinks and bath mixing valves, etc.;

The main forms of household solenoid valves are: solar 12(6)V/DC water control solenoid valve, floor heating 12V/ DV or 220V/AC solenoid valve, washing machine 220V/AC water inlet (drain) solenoid valve, and household water system central air conditioning 220V/AC water control solenoid valve, etc.

Faucet valve core purchase skills

1. The faucet control handle has single handle and double handle. The single handle has the advantages of convenient control and simple structure, while the double handle requires both hands to adjust the water temperature, but the style can be suitable for more occasions. The water pressure of the single-handle faucet rises rapidly at the moment of opening and closing. If the copper content of the product is not high and cannot withstand the expansion of water pressure, it will easily break badly.

2. Switch the faucet handle, feel it with your hand, the up and down switch will be blocked during use!

3. Use the index finger and middle finger to gently clamp the handle of the faucet up and down and move it gently to see if it is flexible and not loose, whether it has a blocking feel, whether there is an oil damping feel, and whether it is flexible without looseness and no blocking feel. The heavy oil damping feel indicates that the faucet valve is not a high-quality product.

What is the faucet valve?

Faucet valves have many uses. From the content of the article, you can also see that there are many types of faucet valves. If the owner does not know which faucet valve to choose during interior decoration, it is recommended to ensure that you can buy a suitable valve. You can choose according to your needs.

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