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Qingdao VICO Plumbing Co., Ltd.
Add.: No.133-8 Fuzhou North Road, Shibei District, Qingdao, Shandong, China
Mob: +86-15192779093
WhatsApp: +86-13608983006
Contact: Sukie Wong
Email: arvin.yi@vico.cc


  • Hand Shower For Bathroom
    Hand Shower For Bathroom

    Our hand shower for bathroom, focusing on the use of the product environment and occasions, we strive to meet the basic functions of the product on the basis of the realization of pleasing to the eye, physical and mental effects.

  • Hand Shower With Slide Bar
    Hand Shower With Slide Bar

    VICO shower sets (HAND SHOWER WITH SLIDING BAR), rise and fall free, bath as your wish. The height of shower head is up to you to decide, it can meet the requirements of different heights. The shower head can achieve 360º free rotation and adjust at will. Through the free choice of the output...

  • Hand Shower For Bath
    Hand Shower For Bath

    Hand shower for bathseries is made of new material-high quality ABS, precision polishing - 150º chrome plating and smooth surface can maintain no bubbles and no wrinkle under the condition of high temperature for 1 hour, even 24 hours of salt fog monitoring will not be corroded.

  • Brass Shower Hose
    Brass Shower Hose

    Brass Shower Hose can be finished with gold-plated, bronze plated and yellow bronze plated and double locked.

  • Hand Shower Hose
    Hand Shower Hose

    Hand shower hose is easily used by hand for shower.

  • Flexible Shower Hose
    Flexible Shower Hose

    Flexible shower hose is applied to connect the shower faucet with shower head. It can reach wherever you want with flexible shose. Stainless steel material can efficiently avoid rusting. EPMD inner hose can bear high temperature. Brass nut can keep durable use. The package can be made as per your requirements. Length is optional 150cm and 200cm.

  • Bathroom Rainfull Shower Head
    Bathroom Rainfull Shower Head

    Vico’s shower head USES high quality ABS material without harmful impurities so that the water is more pure and environmentally friendly. Professional molding equipment can make the product with higher precision, but also make life fast and convenient under the role of technology.

  • Bathroom Shower Head
    Bathroom Shower Head

    Our company carries out quality control and inspection in strict accordance with the requirements of EN1112-2008, which fully meets the requirements of CE certification.

  • Hand Held Shower Heads
    Hand Held Shower Heads

    Hand held shower heads show us the life amorous feelings, it is a kind of continuity of its function.

  • Best Rain Shower Head
    Best Rain Shower Head

    Our best rain shower head is considered both the water flow and water saving.

  • Shower Room Enclosure
    Shower Room Enclosure

    Vico insists on abiding these quality standards to achieve the good products so as to stand in the market steadily. To choose Vico’s products is your regretless choice.

  • Glass Shower Room
    Glass Shower Room

    ICO shower room is through building independent wash bath space to save a space.

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