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- Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shower-

- Dec 19, 2017-

Shower are the most popular shower showers in the general family. The control body of shower, the shower and shower are all installed on the water supply outlets which are reserved on the wall. The installation height is limited by the product itself, which has some limitations.


A shower usually consists of shower faucet and handheld shower, shower faucet and shower there are types of columns, with the shower installation is simple and convenient, only need to shower faucet and hot and cold water inlet wall reserved well connected fastening, fixed shower rod or hand-held shower holder can be used after.

The choice of the shower style is more than the dark style, and the price is cheaper than the installation type.

Disadvantages: the control body and water supply hose of shower showers are exposed outside the wall. The visual effect is not as good as that of the dark clothing. The shower body and shower column also occupy part of the shower.

Bathroom space.

However, consumers can choose shower shower installation according to their shower habits and the actual situation of bathroom, create a warm and comfortable bath environment and enjoy high-quality shower experience.