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Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Faucet


    ALWAYS QUALITY, ALWAYS VICO Kitchen Faucet Chrome Finish ITEM NO. 85405 Ceramic Cartridge Size:Ф35

    Product Details


    ITEM NO. 85405 Ф35

    The charming faucet is used a right-angle design, fashion and artistic. With concise line grace, show the aesthetic feeling. Just the right amount of make public, but not exaggerated, implicative and not a low profile. This product design is suitable for all kinds of decoration style.

    It uses leading peer shower, save water by 30% without splash and corrosion-resistance. The cartridge of the faucet is made of ceramic.

    The 304 stainless steel flexible hose is explosion proof, crack proof and anti-leakage. The handle use constant bright technology. Skillful polishing process, bright plating treatment for brilliant chrome surface to ensure the products is long-term as new. The single-pole mechanical switch is adapted in the design of the faucet. Switch handle custom design according to the human body mechanics, feel very comfortable, can easily cope with the daily frequent operation. It use precision water mouth.

    All of the packages of the faucet are suitable for the long-distance transportation on the sea. The package of the best brass kitchen faucet can been designed according to customer’s requirement.

    The fixed fittings of the faucet, regular fixed accessories are called "horseshoes" sets, the installation accessories can be customized according to the specific requirements of the customer, VICO Plumbing focuses on the technology of the leading installation.

    Because of market factors, horseshoe fixed piece is only worked as a regular form a complete set, especially can be used on the pull-out faucet, with horseshoe set if improperly installed, it is easy to cause that it is difficult to extract. The reason is that the flexible hose and the hole edge of the sink are insufficient, causing friction. The hose of the nylon material will cause the wire broken, and the metal double-locked hose will cause the blocked. This phenomenon is evident on stainless steel sinks. It will affect normal use. Therefore, the cylindrical fixed parts can solve this problem very well, and the installation of cylindrical fixed parts is convenient, and is now the main recommended accessories by VICO Plumbing.

    The cylindrical fixed piece, as the name implies is the fixed function, is also used for fixing the faucet, the main application is in the basin faucet, the kitchen faucet and the bidet faucet and so on the faucet to connect the hose.

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